House Wines


500ml Karafaki


House Red
Piroga Red: a full bodied fruity red from Greece
£19.50 £13.00 £5.20
House White
Piroga White: a fruity Chardonnay from Greece.
£19.50 £13.00 £5.20
Traditional Greek white wine with soft resinated aroma.
£19.50 £13.00 £5.20

Ouzo and Greek Spirits

Ouzo Karafaki (200ml)
Distilled and flavoured with Anise: the classic Greek spirit
Ouzo (25ml glass) £4.70
Tsipouro Karafaki (200ml)
Double distilled Greek brandy
Tsipouro (25ml glass) £4.80
Metaxa (25ml glass)
Brandy based liqueur blended with wine and other flavourings
Mastiha Tears (25ml glass)
Greek Aperitif from tree resin

Red Greek Wines

Gentle wine from Xinomavro and Syrah grapes with a velvety texture and rich aroma.
Made from Agiorgitikos, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, a fruity red wine with a velvet palate.
Deep red colour, rich sweet aromas of dried fruits and spices, full bodied with mature tanins.
Grand Reserve Naoussa
Aged at least 4 years with a rich deep colour with flavour and aroma to match.
Theopetra Estate
Organic wine from Meteora, made from Limniona, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon; with a rich full body, balanced acidity, flavours of sweet spices, red and black fruits and a long complex finish.

White Greek Wines

Made from Chardonnay, Assyriko and Sauvignon Blanc, with fruity and floral aromas and a supple palate.
A unique ‘Blanc de Noir’ style, its colour betraying its provenance from red grapes with the rich aromas which are characteristic of this wine making method.
A rare white wine made from this traditional variety grown on the slopes of Mount Kithairónas in Attica. Has a pale green colour with aromas of fruit and fresh grapes.
Theopetra Estate
Organic dry wine made fromMalagouzia and Assyrtiko, with fresh tropical fruit aromas and characterised by refreshing acidity, round body, fresh fruity flavours and long herbal finish.

Greek Rosé Wines

Made from Muscat, Syrah and Agiorgitiko, with fruity and floral aromas.
£26.00 £18.50 £6.50
Theopetra Estate
Organic rose wine made from Limniona and Syrah varieties giving a soft and round wine with balanced acidity, intense flavours of fresh red fruits and a herbal minty finish.

Dessert Wine

Mavrodaphne (Red)
Sweet dark fortified red wine produced by the Solera method in Achaea, Northern Peloponnese, with flavours of caramel, chocolate, coffee, raisins and plums.
£17.00 n/a £6.80
A sweet white wine produced from Muscat grapes on the island of Samos. Served in 25ml glasses or 375ml half bottle
n/a 17.00 £3.50


Mythos (Greece)
Famous Greek lager, 4.7% alcohol, bright blonde with a rich head.
Fix Lager
Greece’s oldest and most historic beer, a premium lager with a soft flavour and a balanced bitterness, 5% alcohol.
Argo (Golden Ale)
Craft beer, Greece’s only Golden Ale, from Thessaly with a rich flavour and good head, 5% alcohol.


Bacardi £7.00
Jack Daniels
Absolut Vodka £7.50
Captain Morgan Rum £7.50
Havana Club Rum £7.00
Gordons Gin £7.00
Johnnie Walker Red Label £7.50
Johnnie Walker Black Label £8.50
Mixers £1.00


Large still water, 1 Ltr
Small still water, 330ml £2.60
Large sparkling water, 1 Ltr
Small sparkling water, 330ml £2.70
Soft drinks, 330ml £2.90


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