Our great Greek food can now be ordered for delivery by Deliveroo (We will be linking up again with Just Eat when they establish their courier service in our area).

You can click through to our page on their website and order online from here:

Deliveroo: www.deliveroo.co.uk

Or call us on 020 7727 9122 and place your order over the phone.

Please note that the minimum order for deliveries is £15.00, but if you are nearby we offer a take-away service of everything off our menu. Just call up and then come in to collect it.

Vegetarian Dishes (V), Vegan Dishes (Vg), Halal (H)




Cold Starters:

All dips served with toasted pitta bread.


Taramosaláta – £5.00
Smoked cod roe dip, prepared with lemon and olive oil. (V)


Melitzanosaláta – £5.00
Baked aubergine dip, with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. (Vg)


Tzatziki – £5.00
Yogurt, cucumber, dill, garlic and olive oil dip. (V)


Houmoús – £5.00
Chickpea dip with sesame, garlic and olive oil. (Vg)


Féta Cheese – £6.50
The famous Greek sheep’s cheese served with olive oil and oregano. (V)


Vegetarian Dolmadákia – £6.00
Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. (Vg)


Patatosaláta – £5.50
Potato saad with smoked red peppers and olive oil. (Vg)


Pantzarosaláta – £6.00
Beetroot salad with garlic and olive oil. (Vg)


Hot Starters


Haloumi_sm400_wSaganáki – £7.50
Breaded Greek Feta cheese deep fried and finished with lemon juice. (V)


Haloumi – £7.50
Charcoal grilled cheese finished with lemon juice. (V)


Spanakotyrópites – £6.50
Triangles of filo pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese. (V)


Fassólia Gigantes, Plakí – £6.80
King size beans baked in the oven with fresh tomatoes and parsley. (Vg)


Sausage_sm400_wLoukánika – £7.50
Grilled spiced Greek pork country sausages.


Kalamarákia Tiganitá – £9.20
Baby squid, deep fried and served with lemon and Tzatziki dip.


Keftédes – £7.60
Marinated meatballs in tomato sauce with chopped onion, fresh parsley and garlic.


Garídes Saganáki – £11.00
King size prawns mildly spiced in a red tomato sauce, dressed with olive oil and lemon zest, served pan fried with Feta cheese.




Chicken Wrap – £4.50
Grilled chicken with Tzatziki, onions and tomato in a wrap.


Pork Wrap – £4.50
Grilled pork with Tzatziki, onions and tomato in a wrap.


“Combo Wrap” – £8.50
Choice of grilled chicken or pork with Tzatziki, onions and tomato in a wrap and a portion of chips and a soft drink.

Add an extra wrap to the Combo for only £4.00


Salads and Soups


Salates / Salads:

Greek Salad_sm400_w

Greek Salad – Large £8.50 – Small £6.50
Greek salad with Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, green pepper, lettuce, oregano and olives. (V)


Green Salad with Haloumi – £9.50
A tasty salad of lettuce, rocket, pomegranite seeds and cherry tomatoes with grilled Haloumi cheese. (V)





Soúpa Horiatiki – £7.50
Fresh vegetable country soup, with potatoes, carrots, onions, courgettes, leeks, tomatoes, olive oil and lemon juice. (Vg)



All our meat is HALAL


Charcoal Barbeque

Lamb souvlaki_sm400_w

Souvláki Kotópoulo – £15.50
Small pieces of chicken on the skewer, marinated with herbs, spices and grilled; served with rice. (H)


Souvláki Hirinó £15.50
Tender pieces of pork marinated in special lemon sauce, slowly grilled, served with rice.


Brizóles Hirinés Scáras – £16.00
Pork chops on the charcoal grill, served with roast potatoes.





Chef’s Specialities


Kléftiko – £16.50
Large pieces of tender lamb on the bone, specially seasoned with herbs, cooked in the oven and served with roast potatoes. (H)


Athenian Moussaká – £15.50
Layers of sautéed potatoes, aubergines, courgettes and minced meat topped with béchamel sauce. (H)


Bifteki Gemistó – £15.00
Minced meat stuffed with Feta cheese, fried and served with roast potatoes.



Moussaka_sm400_wStifádo (Beef and onion stew) – £15.50
Small pieces of beef cooked in the oven with shallots, red wine and fresh tomatoes.


Chicken Lemonoreganáto – £15.00
Seasoned chicken breast cooked on the grill with bell peppers, served in our lemon sauce with roasted potatoes. (H)








Thalassina / Seafood

Sea Bass_sm400_w

Lavráki (Sea Bass) – £17.00
Fresh Sea Bass grilled over charcoal and served with a lemon oil dressing.


Sardines (Grilled or Fried) – £16.00
Grilled over charcoal and served with a lemon oil dressing.


Tsipoúra (Sea Bream) – £17.00
Fresh Sea Bream grilled over charcoal and served with a lemon oil dressing.




Chortophagia / Vegan


Vegan Moussaká- £14.00
Layers of sautéed potatoes, aubergines, courgettes and mixed vegetables topped with a non-dairy béchamel sauce, baked in the oven. (Vg)


Gemistá – £12.50
Roasted peppers stuffed with rice and herbs, served with salad. (Vg)


Side Orders

Roast Potatoes – £3.60

Rice – £3.00

Chips – £3.20

Pitta Bread – £0.80


Glyká / Desserts


Baklava – £5.60
A sweet bite of light crunchy filo pastry with honey syrup and walnuts from Arcadia. (Vg)


Kantaïfi – £5.60
A little parcel of angel’s hair pastry with pistachios and a honey citrus syrup. (Vg)


Straggisto – Greek Yogurt – £4.90
With thyme honey and walnuts. (V)


Karydopita – £6.25
Walnut cake served with honey and whipped cream.


Set Three-Course ‘Mezzes’

A great way to get a full Greek meal. Plenty of variety and plenty to eat!

Mixed Meat Mezze – £27.50 per person

Cold starters:

Taramosaláta (V), Melitzanosaláta (Vg), Tzatziki (V), Houmoús (Vg) (with pitta bread)

Hot Starters:

Spanakotyrópites (V), Loukánika, Keftédes

Main Course:

Brizóles Arnísses with a variety of Souvláki: A platter of marinated lamb, chicken and pork pieces on skewers with lamb chops, all grilled over charcoal and served with a Greek Salad


Greek Yogurt with honey and walnuts


Vegan Mezze – £21.50 per person


Patatosaláta (Vg), Pantzarosaláta (Vg), Melitzanosaláta (Vg), Houmoús (Vg), Vegetarian Dolmadakia (Vg), and hot Fassólia Gigantes, Plakí (Vg) with pitta bread

Main Courses, a choice from:

Vegetarian Souvláki with Gemistá (Vg): Slices of aubergines, courgette and peppers with cherry tomatoes, caramelised in Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, grilled over charcoal; with roasted peppers stuffed with rice and herbs; served with salad


Vegan Moussaká (Vg): Layers of sauteed potatoes, aubergines, courgettes and mixed vegetables topped with non-dairy bechamel sauce, baked in the oven


Baklava (Vg) or Kantaïfi (Vg)


Soft Drinks

Still Water (1 Ltr) – £3.50

Still Water (330ml) – £2.60

Sparkling Water (1 Ltr) – £3.70

Sparkling Water (330ml) – £2.70

Coke (330ml) – £2.90

Diet Coke (330ml) – £2.90

7Up / Fanta (Greek versions) – £2.90


All prices include VAT.

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